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He stormed out after losing the best new artist award to country singer Gretchen Wilson at the American Music awards, complaining that he was the best new artist. In hindsight, he was right, but he was convinced of it even before his debut was released. By the middle of the last decade, he was indeed selling millions of records globally. I had Pamela Anderson. I was jumping across canyons and shit. His personality was eclipsing his art, a trend that continued on his work Graduation. Kanye cockily believed himself capable of dethroning Fiddy — and he promptly did, forever banishing the Queens gangsta rapper to the realm of bodega drinks and self-help books.

Largely sung — with extensive use of Auto-Tune — rather than rapped, the work is considered something of an aberration in his career. But it rewards repeated listens, and features West opening up and soberly contemplating his existence like never before.

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Tragedy often brings out the best in artists, and West sought to improve himself as a person and a performer. Shockingly, after being upstaged by Lil Wayne at the New Jersey Summer Jam concert, he promised the audience that he would go back to the drawing board and try harder next time. Apparently he was satisfied with the results, because by he had once again placed himself at the centre of the universe. Never mind if he had a point; after all, Single Ladies was kind of good. Swiftgate utterly shamed Kanye.

In he released the crowdpleasing work My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy , which received perfect ratings from Pitchfork and many other outlets. Admitting culpability is not something one often gets in hip-hop, let alone from its self-declared alpha and omega. You know what happens next: West fell off the wagon once again. Yeezus was experimental and dissonant, and folks attending its corresponding tour were subjected to long, rambling diatribes making his case as a cultural giant of epic proportions, akin to Steve Jobs or Walt Disney.

Such boasts ran the gamut from preposterous to plausible, but even when Kanye is correct in proclaiming his greatness, nobody wants to hear him say it. Even the birth of his daughter and his marriage to Kim Kardashian have done little to improve his reputation.


Though Kim is widely perceived as a beautiful airhead, he defends her as a brilliant business mind and entertainer who deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A philosopher. A intergalactic icon of creativity. He was laughing at himself! But no. Again, the public was disgusted and, again, Kanye is now scrambling to get himself back into our favour. It was originally titled So Help Me God.

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They have included collaborations with the king of melody himself, Paul McCartney. Recorded in a coastal Mexican house with no back wall, Only One is a sweet, stripped-down ode to his daughter sung from the perspective of his mother, while All Day is revved up and anthemic. Both are nearly perfect Kanye songs.

Certainly, West is an expert on this. For one thing, Apple is reportedly interested in debuting it on its new streaming music service.

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  • Yet one can also pretty much guarantee that Kanye will declare its likely positive reviews as insufficiently rapturous. The more scorn we heap upon him, the harder he will try to please us. One gets the feeling that neither party would have it any other way. He attributed his personal financial bounce back to an act of God.

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    It would be tough to attribute all the hot air to the elevation. At last.

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    Kanye West Grasps for Holier Heights with Jesus Is King Like much of his work, the rapper's new film is sincere and, at times, genuinely beautiful—and also sort of ridiculous. By Jordan Coley. Jesus is King has risen.

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